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Advisory Services

C&M Investment Resources in its innovative move to provide complete range of financial planning and investment solutions to its privilege customers. Avail all these Insurance & Investment Services through our trained and certified professional consultants.


  • Insurance Advisory
  • Investment Advisory

Insurance Advisory

As an insurance broker, we represent the client, and ensure that the client’s business interests are properly protected in their dealing with insurance companies. We use our domain knowledge and expertise to help the client properly assess their insurance needs, shop for the best value in insurance coverage and help the client in managing their claims.


C&M assists our clients in the following ways:
• Risk Evaluation and Assessment
• Advice on Types of Policies
• Design and Structuring of client specific insurance programs
• Negotiate best combination of cover and premium rates
• Match risk with right insurer
• Policy Administration
• Manage Claims
• Insurance Portfolio Review
• Provide insights and insurance updates to educate clients

Investment Advisory

Our organizational goal is to enhance value of your investment by deploying customized research strategy born out of rigorous analysis of our experts using the latest software tools to predict the actions steps of the financial market on time with high accuracy.


Key features of our Investment Advisory proposition

  • Your investment advisor will help you understand your risk profile and will identify your investment objectives together with you.
  • Your investment advisor works closely with you in identifying investment solutions tailored to your financial needs.
  • You will be continually updated on new market opportunities and gain access to quality investment ideas.
  • You will receive investment statements that provide you with a comprehensive picture of your portfolio actions
  • Your investment advisor will periodically review your investments with you in the context of market developments as well as your investment objectives.

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