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Retail Assets Lending

We having focus on retail clientele and the most retail assets product are Is conducted by separate divisions in our company. A loan passes through various stages or events from the moment it is given till the time it is repaid.

  • Property Purchase Loan
  • Loan Against Property
  • Dropdown Overdraft
  • Lease Renting Discounting
  • Loan Against Shares & Securities
  • Business Loan

Property Purchase Loan

A dream come true! Property Purchase Loan for many thing that life throws up at you!! Do you need funds meeting expenditure on for use of ready-built property and under-construction properties, pre-owned homes, construction and extension of houses and repair/renovation, Plot purchase loan ect. Employees, professionals and Self employed individuals who are IT assesses and NRIs who own residential property or commercial property in his/her own name or in the name of spouse/children/parent/sibling.


Home Loan

Buying a Property is one of the most important and emotional decisions of one’s life. We understand the importance of buying a home and we do a special research-based approach while borrowing a Home Loan for our clients.
Borrowing pattern is very important in a home loan as the liquidity, loan repayment ability is not the same with all clients. We arrange various types of home loans wherein EMI can also be structured based on future expected income.

Commercial Property Purchase Loan

Every businessman wants to buy his own office but taking liquidity out of business and buying an office looks way difficult. This product is the answer. Clients need to contribute 20% of the property agreement value and the rest 80% will be funded by the banks or financial institutions. The property gets transferred on the buyer’s name.
We suggest our clients to take pre-approval of commercial properties, purchase loans and then search property accordingly which always helps to negotiate good deals as the seller understands that by having a pre-sanctioned loan you can pay it immediately also with good discounts as a market trend.


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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property is one of the preferred ways of raising funds against Properties by way of giving it to banks or Financial institutions as a mortgage. We are expertise in structuring Loan Against Property deals for our clients according to specific requirements such as long Term repayment schedules, flexi repayments. The funding can be arranged up to 80% of the value of the property depending upon various factors.

LAP can be given on Residential, Commercial, Open Plot, Project inventory, Industrial Shed and Factory Premises.

Dropdown Overdraft

Dropdown Overdraft is an overdraft facility wherein overdraft amount can be utilized for working capital needs and overdraft can be repaid over a period of years and at the end of the tenure, the debt is repaid and converted into a capital of the enterprises. The primary security herein is the property and stock and debtors are not required as collateral security.

Further, there is no requirement to submission of monthly stock statement for calculation of monthly drawing power. Further, in future years the facility can be structured or revised as well.

Business Loan

Business provides bread & butter to entrepreneurs hence its growth & expansion is of utmost priority for the owner. For setting up new business or expansion one needs capital, whether it is working capital or terms loans. If you are Self-employed businessman or Working Professional which include self–employed Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Architects, and Company Secretaries and who looking for a collateral free loan you are at the right place, we shall arrange low cost and suitable tenure loans based on your needs.

Lease Rental Discounting

We get the added benefit of the properties given on lease to credible companies by getting the funds from banks and NBFC’s against future rent receivables at a very competitive rate of interest and can use it either on your business or on acquiring new properties or any other use.

LRD can be arrange as short term loan or over draft facility as per client requirement.

Loan Against Shares & Securities

Loans Against Securities (LAS) helps you to get loan against the securities that you have, for the time being, merely pledged without selling them off in haste. An overdraft facility is advanced to you by bank or financial institution when you pledge your securities. The value of the overdraft limit that is advanced to you is determined on the basis of the securities that are pledged by you.

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