Our Resources are created to match your specific requirements like Raising Capital, Lending or Investment. The C&M Resources team takes the time to discuss your individual needs to ascertain exactly how we can help with a wealth of experience in the finance industry, we understand how to build deals that work best for you.

Our advice is impartial and, as an independent Consultant, we will present you with the deal that best suits your needs. Our in-depth knowledge of the finance market enables our clients to achieve the optimal financial structure to maximise as per their requirements. In some cases, we will find packages that may not be offered on the open market.

We consider your proposal and tailor it to highlight the key selling points to the lenders, ensuring that these points are taken into account when assessing your Proposal. By taking the necessary time to enhance the presentation of your proposal, we provide you with the best possible chance of securing the capital you require.

The services offered through us are derived from the needs of a specialist to support the family office function in acquiring assets. The companies form an independent, dynamic group of companies.


Why Choose Us

We know there are thousands of Finance Consulting firms out there pitching for your work, so we want to explain why C&M Resources are different.


We are a full service firm that has in-house expertise across multiple disciplines to ensure you get a holistic service from us.

Our long tenure in the firm’s leadership team and resources means we are able to build long term relationships with our clients that are a result of a deep understanding of their needs and their goals.

Our key guiding principle at C&M Resources is Loyal to clients, loyal to each other and loyal to the community in which we live and the causes we care about.

Our care factor – we really do care about our clients success and well-being and we will go the extra mile to help you meet your goals.

We invest in our people and they are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have a proven track record in service delivery.

The above factors will ensure you get not only a better quality product from us, but it will also save you time and money.

Be Our's


At C&M Capital Resources, we believe that partners play an essential role in helping customers along the connected planning journey. The way we do business with our partners, and the deep, trusting relationships we form with them, reflects our unwavering focus on our customers’ success.

We welcome all the enterprising enthusiasts to grow their business under our single platform of borrowing with multiple insitution at one roof. Spread your time just by managing your client base and offer best financial prepositions. You introduce C&M Resources to your clients and prospects and enjoy the facility to earn unbelievable perks.

Join our winning team just by following few simple steps.